Commissioning a Portrait is simple

Answer the following questions in your email and we will reply with a quote within one business day.

1 What medium would you like? (Oil or Charcoal)

2 How many individuals would be depicted?

Thematic painting

The artist will paint your favorite characters, stories, and nature. There are stories you want to live by or you are inspired by. You might have a character you imagined with the characteristics you admire. The painting will tell your original story, always reminding you or your loved ones of it.

Thematic portraits

The artist will paint you or your loved ones as existing or imaginative characters. You might have a character you imagined with the characteristics you admire. You will be represented as a character of your choosing in the painting, to be reminded and remembered.

Personal portraits

A person's face tells a story of his or her life. The artist will paint you or your loved ones in a setting of your choosing. Adding memorable items, the painting will tell the personal life story for generations to come.

3 What is the size of the artwork you wish to order? Would you like bust, half size or full size figure on your portrait?

Commission downpayment is 50% of the total price and is final and non-refundable payment. The remaining 50% are to be payed upon the satisfactory completion of the work. Framing not included but may be added.

A commission is a collaborative process between the client and the artist.
The painter's task is to visualize the story that the client wants to tell.

Other projects

There are many other possibilities. Please feel free to suggest projects you have in mind.

The painting will start with a discussion about the theme. Once there is an understanding of the theme, the artist will create a sketch. Depending on the size, a small color study will also be made, before moving onto the real painting. This approval process will ensure a clear communication between the client and the artist.

For more detailed size and pricing information, please send an e-mail to with a subject line, “commission”. The artist will send you the basic guideline information. If you already have some ideas or specific questions, please mention it in the mail, so that the artist can reply with the answers.

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