Vira Yakymchuk  is an Ukrainian painter, is one of the very few figurative art painters in Ukraine. She is primarily self-taught painter, and has developed her distinctive style based on the color of nature. Whose creative production revolves around classical figurative painting, presented in a contemporary manner. She reflect reality like a dream,which is also a reflection of real life. Vira Yakymchuk who spends most of her life in dreamworld.

The artist’s work is both a celebratory and critical exploration of the delicate and highly complex natural feelings and emotions of human the around the world and the human relationship. The work not only investigates the intricate interrelatedness of the human of these various world and feelings, as well as the formation of these systems through the naturally selective forces of reality, but also the human role as an force acting on these systems from the inside and around.


(b. in 1990, Husyatyn, Ukraine) is primarily self-taught.  

Currently working and living in Lviv - Gusyatin, Ukraine


The Lviv Professional Lyceum of Art, Artist-Florist, Lviv, Ukraine 2006-2009   

Private Study in Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), program Art of Icon paintings, Lviv, Ukraine 2009-2010   

Primarily self-taught, her paintings has been strongly influenced by apprenticeships with Fatih Gurbuz, Istanbul, Turkey 2012 -2014

Group Exhibitions

The Art Box Project, New York 1.0,The Armory Art Weeks, New York, NY, USA 2018


Exhibition of young artists, Kyiv, Ukraine 2012

Exhibition "Green Wave", Gallery "Mytets”, Kyiv, Ukraine 2012

Exhibition of " Radruzh ", Lviv, Ukraine 2010

Solo Exhibition:

Dreams Are a Place of Balance I Vira Yakymchuk,Triptych: Global Arts Workshop, Kiev, Ukraine 2019


The Heroine’s Journey of Vira Yakymchuk, January 2020  

Art Magazin THE GUIDE ARTISTS, issue 30. August 2019

Hi-FructoseMagazine - The New Contemporary Art Magazine, 2017

Art magazine NAU NUA, Spain 2017

K- Gallery" Art world of Ukraine ", Kiev, Ukraine 2011


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